Many things could cause a fire.

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We tell you which one actually did.

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All the right questions

When your client sees the worst day of their lives and you see a burned mess, we see answers. Specifically, we see answers to case-critical questions. Things like:
Often, technical answers aren't enough. You also need straight answers. Answers that will help you figure out whether a claim is legitimate or has merit. We can tell you the strengths and weaknesses in your case, and preempt what will the other side do and how you should react. 

At Meier Fire, we tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. Our reputation for plain speaking has made us preferred experts for litigators,and insurance companies around the world.

We're focused on one thing: credibility

It's not enough to have the right evidence.

When selecting an expert to analyze or testify to a fire’s origin and cause, you need someone who looks, sounds and acts the part convincingly.

Our experts are credible, approachable and down to earth - the kind juries like. We know the science and we know how to present it. Combining the two skills may be the extra edge that convinces the jury and wins your case.

Our roots run deep

Our firm may be new, but its experience stretch back years, and our pedigree even longer. Richard Meier began his fire investigator career with John A. Kennedy & Associates, the firm that founded the fire investigation industry. Over the years he has trained, worked and consulted with some of the biggest names in the fire business.

Our experts are licensed, accredited, and recognized authorities on fire investigation with diverse knowledge of fire investigation methods and technology.  We have experience in plastics, metals, mechanical and electrical systems, hydraulic and fuel systems, marine, automotive and industrial systems. By immediately furnishing the right experts, we maximize efficiency, reduce case expenses and ensure nothing is forgotten or misinterpreted during investigations.
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An intentionally different approach

Everyone says they're different, but we are!

We don't accept every case that comes along. We're as selective about the cases we take as you are about the experts you hire. That way, we can be sure you'll receive our undivided attention and
absolute best service for the entire duration of your case.

You'll like that we are ethical and we'll bill you that way, too. We work hands on with our clients to keep investigation costs low without sacrificing quality. We offer our clients a dedicated, secure case portal to: upload/download documents, photos, reports and invoices; pay online; and send messages.

Now accepting a limited number of cases for 2017.
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